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Returning to work after a work-related accident

Many workplace injuries force employees to take time off work to recuperate. At some point, the victims recover and return to work. While the act of returning to work may sound easy, there is a process involved and people who need to be informed. In addition, some people may be concerned about returning to work before they are physically ready and are afraid of losing their benefits should they experience flare-ups. Here are some things employees should know before returning to their job after a work-related accident.

Filing for workers' compensation benefits for repetitive stress

New Yorkers may be aware that they can receive workers' compensation benefits for workplace accidents, but they may also be entitled to compensation for repetitive stress, illness or a chronic health conditions that are caused by their job. The pain or injury does not have to be the result of a one-time accident. Sometimes specific job duties, such as typing, bending or lifting, are performed repetitively, causing debilitating pain in discs, joints, muscles and nerves.

Can a company fire an employee receiving workers' compensation?

Even when employees have been properly trained, a workplace accident can still occur. When a New York employee suffers injuries that prevent him or her from performing a job's duties, it is possible to receive workers' compensation benefits. However, many injured workers decide not to take advantage of these benefits - money that is rightfully theirs - because of the fear of retaliation. However, for the most part, an injured employee's job is protected while he or she is receiving benefits.

Many become addicted to opioids after work-related accident

After a workplace injury, New Yorkers may seek out treatment, such as medications, to help control the pain caused by the injury. While painkillers can minimize pain and allow people to perform everyday activities with ease, they can sometimes cause more harm than good.

Man suffers injuries in work-related accident

Factories and warehouses contain a host of potential hazards, as many New York workers can attest. Industrial accidents can be caused by machinery and unsafe work practices. One man suffered workplace injuries after a metal coil weighing a half-ton fell on him.

Closure of New York workers' comp hearing sites adds to struggles

Administrative hearings are an important part of the workers' compensation process, and they only take place at certain venues in New York. Recently, the New York Workers' Compensation Board and Gov. Andrew Cuomo were criticized for closing a number of rural workers' compensation hearing sites, a move that forces injured workers to travel farther to complete their hearings.

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