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Young and divorced: Making a healthy split

You loved your spouse when you got married, and you still have a healthy amount of respect for him or her. You both wanted the same things when you were married at a young age, and now, coming up on your 30th birthday, you've realized that you no longer have anything in common. You've grown apart and want different things.

Does your parenting plan cover spring break and summer vacation?

Dividing custody between parents is difficult, even in the most amicable of divorces. There are certain days that you'll both want to be with your children. Holidays, school breaks and vacations are all coveted as ideal times to spend with your kids after a divorce. If your parenting plan doesn't explicitly handle all of these special events and more, you could find yourself in a dispute over custody.

Is your child’s other parent interfering with custody time?

Parents who choose to raise a child separately must find a way to effectively share their parenting responsibilities and privileges. They must respect their rights as parents and also keep the best interests of the child the highest priority. In the case of divorce, a court must generally approve a parenting plan and custody arrangement, or create one and hand it down to the parents.

How a divorce could affect your retirement

For many years, divorces seemed to be much more common in younger couples. However, in recent years there has been a marked increase in the number of couples divorcing at or after retirement age, even after decades together. These so-called "gray divorces" can have major consequences for both you and your spouse, including changing what happens in your retirement.

Knowing what to expect from asset division in a New York divorce

For many people, divorce can be a frustrating and difficult process. Even if they look forward to the freedom and fresh start that come at the end, the legal process of separation and divorce can be a struggle. In addition to processing the end of a significant relationship, those going through a divorce usually have to deal with a lot of stress and uncertainty regarding the future.

4 tips to help you and your ex co-parent effectively

If you are considering divorce and you have children, it means that you will still have to work with your ex in order to successfully co-parent. Sharing custody goes beyond who gets the kids for Thanksgiving. Instead, it requires constant communication and teamwork. Depending on your relationship with your ex-husband-to-be, this may seem like an impossible task.

What are your options if your ex is withholding your children?

Divorces can result in big, drawn-out messes. It isn't easy for a former couple to come to terms with the end of their relationship and work together to parent children. Still, agreements must be created and mutual respect and understanding is important to a functional co-parenting relationship. You may have thought that once the divorce was finalized, your issues with visitation and shared custody were over, but now you're having trouble seeing your children.

Job loss and child support modifications

You might have been earning a great income throughout the course of your marriage. As such, when a divorce court made its determination on your child support, the amount of your obligation likely reflected your high income. These days, however, financial times are tougher. A lot of New York residents have yet to fully recover from the Great Recession, and you might not be earning the same amount that you were before.

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