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Social Security Disability: another important consideration

We've spent the past few weeks here on our blog talking about an option available to support disabled workers with a lump sum payment: the Schedule Loss of Use award. However, there's another option outside of the workers' compensation system entirely that can also provide assistance in these situations.

Representing Utica workers with repetitive stress injury claims

As we discussed last week here on our blog, repetitive stress injuries suffered on the job entitle a Utica worker to compensation just as do accidental injuries or traumatic injuries. However, backing up your claim that you suffered your injuries on the job can be more difficult. This can add unwanted stress to the treatment and recovery process.

Cemetery worker killed in work-related accident

Utica residents understand that working around heavy machinery can be dangerous. This is especially true when employers fail to take care of the equipment properly and train employees in its use. However, a work-related accident doesn't need to involve giant industrial or construction equipment to cause serious injury or even death.

Social Security Disability and worker's compensation benefits

Workers in the construction industry face the risk of a serious on-the-job injury. Employers have obligations and best practices to follow in order to keep their employees safe, but there are no 100 percent guarantees against a work-related accident.

Burns common among restaurant workers' injuries

When Utica residents think of health and safety in the context of a restaurant, they probably think about the safety of the food patrons are eating; whether it's properly cooked, whether it was handled by clean hands or prepared in a sanitary, hygienic kitchen. But the health and safety of restaurant workers themselves is all too often overlooked. We'll look this week at workers' injuries in restaurants, as a follow-up to our last post which discussed burns and other injuries suffered by workers at McDonald's chains.

Returning to work after a work-related accident

Many workplace injuries force employees to take time off work to recuperate. At some point, the victims recover and return to work. While the act of returning to work may sound easy, there is a process involved and people who need to be informed. In addition, some people may be concerned about returning to work before they are physically ready and are afraid of losing their benefits should they experience flare-ups. Here are some things employees should know before returning to their job after a work-related accident.

Work-related accident rate high at New York hospital

Although many accidents in the workplace are caused by slips, trips, falls and strains, an increasing number of injuries are caused by violence. Most of these - 75 out of 114 incidents since 2012 - took place in healthcare settings, particularly hospitals. The situation has gotten so out of control that New York hospital Brookdale University Hospital and Medical Center was recently fined $78,000 by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration after patients and visitors assaulted dozens of employees.

AT&T workers disciplined for filing work-related accident claims

When a New York employee suffers a workplace injury, he or she has the right to file a claim for workers' compensation benefits. When doing so, the employer cannot legally retaliate against the employee. The employee cannot be harassed, disciplined or fired for their involvement in a workplace accident, regardless of who is at fault. However, AT&T is currently under fire for allegedly disciplining four employees who were injured on the job and subsequently filed work-related accident claims.

Teen's arm crushed in work-related accident

New York residents may be interested in the story of a young man who recently was severely injured at a ski park where he worked. The 17-year-old high school student was performing his work duties at the park when his arm was crushed after it got caught in a roller brush on a ski conveyor lift.

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