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Helping Utica families after a fatal work-related accident

A fatal accident on the job can happen due to any number of circumstances. Sometimes, it truly is just an accident that couldn't have been foreseen or prevented. Other times, however, it's the result of someone else's negligence. And, in some situations family members of the deceased worker may suspect negligence, but it's not necessarily clear if that's the case.

We proudly represent those harmed by trench collapses

Last week on the blog we discussed the frequency of trench collapses. It is a sad reality that every year unsuspecting workers are injured in killed while performing their job duties. When this happens, victims and their families can be left devastated. A surviving victim might have to find a way to deal with their physical injuries while also trying to figure out how to pay for accumulated and future medical expenses. In the event of death, surviving family members may be hit with debilitating medical expenses and funeral costs, and many families may struggle to make ends meet without the income of their lost loved one.

How common are trench collapses?

Over the years, many New York and federal laws and regulations have been put in place to protect workers and to deter employers putting employees at unreasonable risk of harm. However, even when workers and employers are following every rule and regulation, a work-related accident can occur in the blink of an eye, leaving an employee seriously injured.

Burned in a work accident? Know types of burns, treatments

We've been discussing burn injuries in the context of the restaurant industry for several weeks now, but we should stop and acknowledge that they of course do occur across a wide sector of workplaces. Considering that a work-related accident may lead to a burn injury in any number of workplaces, let's look in greater detail at what the National Institute of General Medical Sciences has to say about the effects of a burn and treatment.

OSHA: Hospitals among most dangerous places to work

We continue our discussion of health care worker safety this week with some eye-opening statistics regarding hospital employees from OSHA. This is not intended as specific legal advice, but rather as general information to help provide some context for workers who've been injured or are concerned about the risk of injury in a hospital workplace.

When a New York work-related accident results in death

Many New Yorkers have been involved in workplace accidents. Most of these are minor, with the victims fully recovering from their injuries. Unfortunately, a severe work-related accident can lead to death. When this happens, the victim's family can often sue for damages. However, with both workers' compensation and wrongful death laws involved, the process can be complicated. The good news is that with the right legal help, you can help bring closure by holding the responsible party accountable.

Can I get workers compensation if I am hurt while not at work?

New York employees may have questions about what type of injury accidents qualify for workers' compensation, since not all events are covered. Whether or not you will receive benefits will depend on the circumstances of the case. For example, if you suffer a fall at home and break your arm while off the clock, then you would not qualify. The accident must occur under the scope of your employment. But what does this mean exactly, and what if you are injured while performing work duties, but not at your place of employment?

New OSHA laws require detailed reports for work-related accidents

With thousands of Americans involved in workplace accidents annually, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration will soon become stricter with its reporting requirements. Beginning January 1, employers in New York and across the country will be forced to file accident reports within specific timelines, particularly if employees were seriously injured or killed on the job.

Ways to prevent a work-related accident

When a New Yorker starts a new job -- or takes on a new duty at a job he's held for many years -- he may feel pressured to perform the duty to the employer's standards. This may mean performing dangerous duties without proper gear or training, therefore increasing the risk of injury. However, workers should know that they have rights in the workplace and these rights include employer compliance with standards put in place by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Work-related accident at national site exposes workers to risk

Some of America's most iconic landmarks are located in New York. These landmarks often represent successes in our nation's past and conjure positive sentiments in support of loyalty. Many more are located throughout the rest of the nation, but the national capital in Washington, DC is home to a large collection of monuments dedicated to presidents and nationalism. However, many are quite old and are in need of consistent maintenance and upkeep.

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