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Dating during the divorce process: should you do it?

Your divorce has been tough, and you may already be looking to date someone new. However, dating too early can have consequences.It’s smart to wait until after your divorce is final, especially if you have kids with your spouse.Why should you be careful about dating...

How a mediator helps divorcing couples compromise

Mediation is a popular method divorcing couples can use to sort through the terms of property division and child custody outside of court. By using a third party as a mediator, couples can make up their own agreements peacefully, instead of asking the courts to make...

Divorce after 50 presents unique financial challenges

For some couples, retirement is when they feel they finally get a chance to spend time together after decades of working hard to build their lives. For others, it leads to a realization that they're living with someone they don't love anymore.Starting over after a...

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