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Seeking modification to an alimony award

New York courts have the power to grant individuals alimony pursuant to their divorces. If, for example, one party would be unable to support themselves due to a lack of income following the finalization of their divorce, then the court may require their ex to provide them with financial support. Generally, individuals should not suffer significant financial hardships just because they want to end their marriages.

The end of an alimony award

Not all alimony awards are intended to last forever. Although some individuals may be legally entitled to lifelong alimony due to illness or the inability to work, others may only be awarded alimony long enough to get them back on their feet following their divorces. This is particularly true when the ex-spouse is able to work for their own income. To this end, some New Yorkers may see their alimony awards stop because that is how the awards were established in their agreements or orders.

Visitation options for New York parents

When courts make decisions regarding the physical custody of children, they must weigh many factors. In some cases, the children may be able to spend part of their time with one parent and the rest with the other. In other cases, courts may determine that the children's interests are better served in sole physical custody plans.

Student loans are a common cause of divorce

The cost of obtaining a college degree in the United States has skyrocketed in recent years. Although some New York students may be able to keep their educational costs in check by electing to attend one of the state's excellent public universities, others may choose to follow their hearts to the private schools and out-of-state institutions of their dreams. In the end, students may leave their college years with more than just new degrees: they may also have acquired significant student loans.

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