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A divorce based on fault may require information and proof

Disagreements often form the backbone of many New York divorces. When the parties to a legal relationship cannot work out their differences and cannot foresee a future where they will be able to live together, they may decide to end their marriage through the courts. Couples that divorce in New York may elect to use the state's no fault option, which generally asserts that their marriages are broken and cannot be fixed; they may also use one of the recognized fault-based options to bring their marriages to their end.

What is equitable distribution?

When two people want the same thing they may look for a fair way to resolve their disagreement over which of them should possess the coveted item. In New York, courts take the same general approach when they attempt to divide up the property that two married people owned before their relationship ended in divorce. This process is called equitable distribution and the remainder of this post will provide a brief discussion of how it is implemented during the property settlement process.

Why might a court to deviate from the state's support guidelines?

New York has established a set of guidelines that courts use in order to decide how much child support kids should receive when their parents separate or go through a divorce. However, as with all legal matters, it is impossible to fit all support cases into the parameters suggested by the guidelines. Certain factors may allow courts to deviate from the guidelines and to create more tailored child support plans for families.

You may be entitled to alimony during your divorce

There has been a major shift in the make-up of household earnings over the last few generations. While men primarily used to dominate the role of earning the income on which their families lived, today in most families women actively share in the important task of providing financial stability to those that they love. Due to this and other changes, the face of alimony has also gone through a shift.

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