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Controlling emotions when dealing with an ex-spouse

With most schools in New York out or almost out, divorced parents may suddenly find themselves away from their children for extended periods of time, depending on their child custody arrangement. Many parents split summer break, while others alternate physical custody every other week. Whatever the arrangement may be, a divorced parent may find himself or herself spending more time with their ex-spouse and this could cause friction. A couple of tips on how to manage the summer could be helpful in this situation.

Why is standard of living important in a divorce?

The division of one house into two in a divorce means that income, assets and debts will be divided in a certain manner between the divorcing couple. Usually, one spouse, the one who was earning more money during the marriage, financially supports the other spouse for some time after the divorce is finalized. One of the purposes of this is to ensure that the receiving spouse can continue to enjoy the same standard of living to which they have become accustomed. But, what does this phrase mean and is this even possible?

The road to a divorce doesn't have to be traveled alone

Deciding to pursue a divorce is often a difficult decision for New York residents. Most people have a plan and it gives them comfort-they know what they want to achieve and how to go about achieving it. The decision to divorce often throws a curveball into the situation and also leaves people confused-what are they supposed to do next and how does one achieve a divorce?

Establish and modify a child support order

Family is often the most important thing in life and many people end up staying in difficult marriages for the sake of their children. However, with the help of experienced professionals, like those at the Hobika Law Firm, people can take steps to protect what is important to them and ensure their interests are safeguarded during a divorce.

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