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Achieve one's divorce goals with the help of professionals

With one's emotional and financial future on the line, the family law issues that arise during a divorce often end up becoming highly contentious. Whether the divorcing New York couple has children or not, property division is one of the most disputed couples. Some assets may have a high monetary worth, while others have sentimental value. Evaluating assets can be a difficult, but an essential part of the divorce process.

How is credit card debt divided in a divorce?

Using a credit card for daily expenses has become more and more common, especially now with smartphones allowing you to go through checkout lanes with only a flick of the wrist. The reliance on the card increases as credit card companies create incentives to keep using it, resulting in credit card debt accumulating if payments are not made in full. While a New York couple is married, the payment of the card usually comes from joint expenses and both parties are responsible for it. But, what happens when a couple is ending their marriage -- how is credit card debt split?

What is an uncontested divorce?

Not every divorce has to be acrimonious. It is possible that a couple amicably agrees to end their association with one another and as a result, there are no disagreements as to major divorce issues, such as child custody and alimony. New York residents may have heard of the term 'uncontested divorce' used in this regard.

Does your parenting plan cover spring break and summer vacation?

Dividing custody between parents is difficult, even in the most amicable of divorces. There are certain days that you'll both want to be with your children. Holidays, school breaks and vacations are all coveted as ideal times to spend with your kids after a divorce. If your parenting plan doesn't explicitly handle all of these special events and more, you could find yourself in a dispute over custody.

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