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April 2017 Archives

Factors considered when determining best interests of the child

Certain terms are frequently thrown about in a child custody case in New York and the participants might not be aware of what they specifically mean. One is the "best interests of the child." Of course, everyone involved in the case is looking out for the child's best interests, but that could be defined by a variety of factors. Knowing how the state specifically addresses the best interests of the child with parenting time, child custody and more is essential.

Important points about child support modification in New York

When a child support order is made in New York, it is essential that the supporting parent make the payments in full and on time to serve the best interests of the child. There are instances, however, in which a parent would like to have the order changed. There can be many reasons for this. Regardless of why there is a desire for the modification, it is imperative to understand the child support guidelines for such a change. Failing to do so can make the situation worse.

Wife declines major settlement offer in high asset divorce

Throughout New York in the city and across the state, there are many people who are of substantial means who end up moving forward with the end of a marriage. While there might be a perception that those who have a vast portfolio of assets will be shielded from the difficulties and issues in dispute when parting ways, the reality is that a high asset divorce can be far more complex than one of lesser means. Those who are involved in any level of divorce must make certain that they have a grasp of all divorce legal issues from the start.

Legal help in understanding alimony in New York State

New York State couples who are divorcing will have a litany of issues that must be settled, not the least of which is alimony. Alternatively referred to as spousal support, this is a difficult matter in many instances as there can be disagreements as to whether a spouse pays, how much will be paid and other factors. While it is not customary for a former spouse to have to pay a massive percentage of their assets to the other spouse, there are still concerns that must be addressed when a couple gets a divorce and the amount paid and received is determined.