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February 2017 Archives

Know your rights to secure marital property during a divorce

People often say that marriages require work to be successful and, when a person considers the sacrifices individuals must make for the greater good of their relationships, then the truth of the statement can be understood. However, some Mohawk Valley readers also know that for some couples, it does not matter how much effort they put into their marriages: their relationships are simply not salvageable.

What to do when parents disagree about child support

When a New York court determines that child support should be paid by one parent for the benefit of their child and sets an amount that the payer will provide on a monthly basis, the determination is based on what the court judges to be in the best interests of the child. Generally, a paying parent is the noncustodial parent and that parent's financial contributions to the needs of the child may seem to exceed the financial contributions made by the custodial or nonpaying parent. However, a custodial parent is also expected to financially contribute to the child's needs in addition to providing the day-to-day support that is required to raise a child.

3 facts about child custody for New York fathers

You came to terms with your wife walking out on you and filing for divorce. You can't stand that she took the kids with her. In New York, you have rights that you can assert as the children's father. Understanding basic facts about custody here can help you as you embark on the quest to remain a part of your child's life.

Can I divorce my spouse if they are in prison?

Under certain circumstances, a New York resident may pursue a divorce against a spouse who is incarcerated at the time of the filing of the divorce proceedings. The remainder of this post will provide an overview of the requirements for filing for divorce based on this fault ground, but readers are asked to speak with their personal family law attorneys about the facts and circumstances of their particular legal cases.

We are available to discuss your unique divorce questions

A marriage generally leads to the intertwining of two people's lives. Instead of operating as individuals, the partners to a marriage often combine their money, assets, property, and responsibilities into a collective pot so that they may both share in the benefits of each other's lives. When marriages are successful, this intermixing of personal wealth and experience can help both partners and their families prosper. However, as some Mohawk Valley residents may know, when marriages end in divorce, there can be significant challenges when it comes to pulling the partners and their children's lives apart.

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