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January 2017 Archives

Hospital founder, ex-wife, in extended property and alimony fight

Married individuals throughout the Mohawk Valley can own property jointly with their spouses or separately as separate property. How property is classified during a divorce can influence which party receives the property or determine whether the asset must be divided and split. When one party to a divorce possesses more wealth or assets or has a higher earning capacity than the other, then a court may award the less wealthy party alimony to help ease their post-divorce financial burden.

Advancements in technology can mean new visitation opportunities

The online world is vast. A Mohawk County resident can practically live their entire life through their web-based persona, from holding down a job to ordering their groceries to meeting the partner of their dreams. Nearly everyone has a virtual presence, from adults down to even some very young kids.

Co-parenting blues? These tips can help resolve conflict

Co-parenting might be tricky if you and your ex-wife don't get along, but that's no reason not to try. With the right support from mediators and your attorneys, you can work out a parenting plan and come together to figure out the best way to take care of your child together.

Can violence ever serve as a basis for a divorce?

Last week, this Mohawk Valley family law blog discussed how an individual may use abandonment as a fault grounds for their divorce. There are six other fault-based reasons that a person may utilize to end their marriage, and this week this post will explore cruel and inhuman treatment as a basis for ending a marriage.

Abandonment is a fault-based ground for divorce

If a Mohawk Valley resident decides that they want to end their marriage, they have some choices to make regarding the grounds on which their pending divorce will be based. They may choose to pursue a no fault divorce, which effectively says that the marriage is over by agreement of the parties. Or, they may pursue a fault-based divorce, which places the blame for the divorce on the other spouse.

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