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December 2016 Archives

Our firm is ready to help you through your divorce

A divorce is an ending. It is the end of a marriage, a relationship that at one point in the parties' lives may have seemed as though it would last for all eternity. Though it can happen, few Mohawk Valley residents enter into legal relationships that they foresee will fail and end in divorce.

Why am I paying child support past my kid's 18th birthday?

For many Oneida County parents who are obligated to pay child support, their requirement to provide financial support to their offspring ends when the children reach the age of majority. However, this is not the case for every payer of child support. Whether through agreement or by order of a family law court, a parent may be required to pay support beyond their child's eighteenth birthday under several circumstances.

Alimony may endure past death of paying spouse

When entering marriages, some individuals vow to their partners that they will stay together until 'death do us part.' This traditional vow has been used by many New York couples, including some who have chosen to end their marriages through divorce. However, even divorce and death can be insufficient to end some obligations that are created between formerly married people.

A divorce in later life can affect retirement years

As New Yorkers live longer, they are finding themselves in marriages that last into their fourth, fifth, and even sixth decades. For some, the blessing of time is a great gift in which individuals may share more moments with the people they love. For others, it may be an instigator to make changes in order to lead a more fulfilling existence in their later years of life.

Make your relocation easier by working through custody issues

There are certain things in life that take priority over others, such as family, friends, and careers. It can be hard for Mohawk Valley residents to balance all of those important factors all of the time, and even more challenging for those individuals who have to do so when they share custody of their children with a former partner or spouse. Parents who do not get to see their children all of the time can struggle with how to reconcile their need to work with their desire to be present in their kids' lives.

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