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October 2016 Archives

Will my ex and I get equal parenting time after our divorce?

Divorce severs the legal relationship between two married people, but the children they share continue to be recognized as the offspring of both of their parents after the divorce is finalized. Though some New York divorcing couples may find in the wake of their ending marriages the ability to equally share the custody and parenting time of their kids, for many individuals, such arrangements are unworkable and difficult to manage.

Who will get the kids in a divorce?

Going through a divorce can be one of the most stressful periods of a person's life. There are many important questions going through your mind at once. How much will the entire process cost? How long will it take? But the most important question on your mind might be: Who will get the kids? The answer to that question may have a greater impact on your life than the previous two.

Options for when child support becomes a financial challenge

Many Oneida County residents would do anything for their kids, especially when their children's lives are rocked by the divorce or separation of their parents. This can include staying current on any child support orders or agreements that may become relevant in the wake of the parents' marital dissolutions. However, even parents with the best intentions can find themselves struggling to keep up with the payments they owe towards child support.

A simple property division may not be so simple

Readers of this Oneida County family law blog may not know that New York follows equitable division laws when it comes to separating the property of married people during their divorces. Equitable division is not the same thing as equal division, which implies that the parties leaving the marriage will receive the same amount of money and property when their divorce is finalized. Rather, equitable division requires a careful balancing of ownership, need and fairness to ensure that both parties exit their relationship with sufficient resources to thrive.

When it comes to divorce, facts play a big role in the outcome

Fans of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt may have felt their hearts break when the couple announced that it would end its marriage. However, divorce is not an unfamiliar topic for many New Yorkers who have experienced it firsthand or vicariously through friends and relatives. Though the laws related to a litigated divorce are relatively consistent throughout the state, the specific facts that each marital situation brings to the table will cause every divorce to have its own personality.

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