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August 2016 Archives

Child support may be used for many of a child's needs

Parents sometimes approach child rearing one day at a time. To consider all of the decisions that one has to make about the upbringing of his or her offspring can completely overwhelm a New York parent. Just as decisions and choices about parenting must be made on an ongoing basis with regard to one's kids, so too must parents continuously cover the numerous and ever-present costs associated with caring for his or her children.

Candidate's private divorce records may become public

In New York a court may elect to provide a couple with closed proceedings when the parties go through a divorce. Closed proceedings may be granted for many reasons, but generally such accommodations are made when the interests of children involved in the divorce support such action or when preserving the interests of the parties outweighs the importance of providing the public with openness in the judicial proceedings. Celebrities and high-profile individuals are often able to secure closed proceedings and sealed divorce records when their marriages come to their legal ends.

We will help you fight for your property during divorce

Even though a divorce is the legal termination of a marriage, there are many divorce-related matters that formerly married parties must continue to address after their unions end. In New York, former couples may find themselves renegotiating child support payments or the schedules on which they share custody of their kids. They may even need to return to court to modify or end the payment of spousal support from one former partner to the other.

Can adult siblings be granted visitation with minor siblings?

The right to visitation with a child is not a right held exclusively by parents. In New York, different family members may seek to secure visitation rights with related youths through the family law courts. While visitation is often sought by grandparents so that they may spend time with their grandchildren, siblings may also seek visitation with their brothers and sisters if they otherwise have no means of spending time with the youths.

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